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Ya-Qin Zhang 张亚勤

Personal Friend

I vividly remember the morning when I first learnt about the tragic news. I sent out messages and called him again and again with no response. Now six months later I still cannot overcome the shock wave and sadness.

Shoucheng is one of the most prominent scientists and shining stars of our time. His brilliance and contributions span many fields, from physics to education to computer sciences to finance and investment. While most of our encounters were in public events such as Bo’Ao forum and Davos, I did have the distinctive privilege to learn from him first hand from family gatherings and other private settings. I was always enlightened by his unique perspectives, sparking ideas, and radiant personality, whether it’s on quantum computing, AI, or high-tech investing. ​

Enclosed picture was a 1:1 dialogue session for the Global Mobile Internet Conf (GMIC), Beijing, 2017. His plane had to turn back to San Francisco after 5+ hours in the air due to a serious mechanical problem. While all of us thought he couldn't make to the conference since he had another important event back at Stanford two days later. Magically he showed up just before the gala dinner and we had one of the most thought-provoking and memorable dialogues on quantum computing and AI. That is typical Shoucheng! He was such a kind, gracious, and warm-hearted person who always help out friends, honor his commitments, and advise and mentor students.

Thank you, Shoucheng, for what you have done for the advance of science, for the benefit of society, and for the betterment of the world. Thank you for your friendship, mentorship, and unyielding support and advice.

Live happily and peacefully in your universe of equations, freedom, and love.


Ya-Qin 亚勤

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