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Jay Chen

Classmate and 40+ years friend

Shoucheng, I brought all the greetings from our mutual friends to you.It’s too sudden, most of them couldn’t make it to here to say “goodbye” in person. I brought all their LOVE to you.
I’ve been friend of you for more than 40 years. 1st time we met was the dorm move-in day late summer of 1978 at Fudan University. I saw a very young skinny boy quietly followed his father into the dorm, curiously look around while his father making bed for him. Later, I learned that you scored top in Shanghai during the nationwide college exam and skipped all 3 years high school education.
You were very smart. Our 1st year physics and math were too easy for you to handle, made me realize the difference between a genius and a hard working kid. It was such a great time, we soak up knowledge like a sponge. We try to catch up all the loses during the cultural revolution. Though we were financially poor, spiritually, we were very rich. We shared our dreams, talked about how science and technology can change our world. We warship those physicists and scientists.
A year later, you were selected as exchange student to Berlin, Germany. We continued our friendship through the letters (which takes about 15 days at that time). From your letters, postcards, and summer home visits, I learned a lot of outside world. You was the one opened up the window for me to the real western world. That’s how I learned about ABBA and Beatles...
One summer, I was invited to your 1st “official” dating with your 1st sweetheart and also the only sweetheart Barbara 小帆 at a tennis court. I was hired to give a 2nd opinion but I myself had no dating experience prior to that. Not very sure it was a “smart” move for you. But I did witnessed the 1st dating and recorded with my camera.
I must did good job. You and Barbara built a love nest few years after. Then you brought genius Brian and beautiful sweet Stephenie. Last September in a beautiful sunset, by the romantic Pujiang river, we celebrated Ruth and Brian’s wedding in your hometown, Shanghai. We were laughing, talking... Love is everywhere, Love is always around you!
Shoucheng, I also brought your father’s message from Shanghai. Your father hope all your family and friends take good care of themselves and live healthy life everyday, let Shoucheng rest peacefully.
Shoucheng, today all of us accompany you to this beautiful Half Moon Bay, fresh air, romantic beach... without any interruption, you can enjoy reading, studying and thinking now. Back to simple, healthy, peaceful and poetic life.
Shoucheng, we all love you, forever.

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