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Douglas and Diane Scalapino

Doug (colleague) and Doug and Diane friendss

My wife Diane and I met Shoucheng and Barbara in 1987 when Shoucheng arrived at the Institute for Theoretical Physics at UCSB. It was the beginning of a special friendship that we have treasured over the years. !987 was also the beginning of the “superconducting high Tc cuprate puzzle” and Shoucheng , Xiao-Gang Wen and Bob Schrieffer were working on this. I would often meet with Shoucheng and Xiao-Gang to talk about this problem. Later in 1992, after Shoucheng had gone to IBM Almaden, I had the pleasure of working with him on the question of how one could characterize a many electron system with respect to being insulating, metallic or superconducting. In 1993 UCSB made Shocheng a tenured faculty offer and Diane and I were hopeful that he, Barbara and their family would return to Santa Barbara. Shoucheng’s brilliance, his delight in understanding and his wonderful sense of humor will always remain with me when I think of him as will the love Diane and I feel for Shoucheng, Barbara and their family.
Doug and Diane Scalapino

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