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Bryan Dun

Family Friend

Uncle Shoucheng will forever be remembered as both a remarkable leader in physics and an amazing father. His work on theoretical physics and its application in technology has advanced the modern age of computing more than we’ll ever truly comprehend. However, more importantly, he was always there for his family when they needed it the most. He loved you all dearly from the bottom of his heart and had nothing less than the utmost pride in all your accomplishments. I occasionally recall wonderful memories of him from all our trips together, he was nothing but kind to me and relished sharing his knowledge with us whenever he could. Continuously looking for opportunities to teach, he exposed me to the science around us in nature by explaining the natural phenomena occurring in the national parks we visited as children. He was an inspiration for me to pursue my burgeoning interest in science and eventually research throughout school, and even influenced my decision to attend the University of Michigan saying it was my strongest option academically, a choice I’m glad I made. I sincerely regret that after pivoting to becoming software engineer and gaining better understanding of the impact of his research I never had the opportunity to discuss the future of technology with him; but I know that his work and spirit will continue to live on and push the bounds of computing to levels we’d never imagine. I pray that he finally finds the peace he’s been searching for in the afterlife.

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