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Akira Furusaki

collaborator and friend

I first met Shoucheng when he came to Kyoto in the summer of 1996 to attend a workshop held at the Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, of which I was a local organizer. The first of the attached pictures is a photo of Shoucheng with Phil Stamp (UBC) and myself taken in front of the Golden Pavilion (Kinkakuji temple). It was a very hot and humid day, and after the visit to the Golden Pavilion, Shoucheng immediately took a taxi and went back to his hotel, leaving Phil, me and some others behind (we visited other temples afterwards); Shoucheng was very efficient and interested in only the best thing. At the workshop I was very much impressed by Shoucheng’s clear physical picture and arguments based on symmetries, and I asked him if I could visit Stanford to learn more from him. He kindly agreed to host me and I visited Stanford for eleven months in 1997. I very much enjoyed my stay at Stanford and interaction with Shoucheng and his brilliant students (Eugene Demler, Yaroslaw Bazaliy, Jiangping Hu). I remember that we were once invited to Shoucheng’s home (in San Jose then) and enjoyed delicious dinner prepared by Barbara. At the time I was still unfamiliar with local geography, and Shoucheng gave me the direction to his home using google map, which was my first experience of this useful IT service. Since then I have seen Shoucheng many times at international conferences worldwide, including those held in Japan. The second photo shows Shoucheng and Guo-qing Zheng from Okayama University (I am in the background) taken during a coffee break in a conference held in Nagoya in 2012. I should also add that Shoucheng was a member of external committee evaluating my group at RIKEN in 2010 and gave me helpful advices. In addition, when I informed Shoucheng of Naoto Nagaosa’s 60th birthday party last year, Shoucheng kindly and immediately sent a warm message to Naoto, saying among other things that “I sincerely hope that we can continue our collaboration into the future”, which unfortunately is not going to happen anymore. It was fortunate privilege that I got to know Shoucheng, and I appreciate very much everything he kindly did to us in the past. I will miss him.

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