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Diane Greene

Family friend

I first met Shoucheng some 20 years ago as the father of our son’s kindergarten mate. Over the years we became friends. I always looked forward to seeing Shoucheng, his greeting was unfailingly warm and welcoming, and was followed immediately by relentless questioning. His questions always made me think differently and a little harder about whatever it was that I was involved with, be it our kid's lives, technology - things like cloud energy usage or various startups, or our travels which he was keenly interested in, particularly if they were to somewhere that Shoucheng had not yet shown his family. Every conversation with Shoucheng was memorable and always left me with new ideas to look into. Shoucheng was benevolent in that he encouraged me to ask questions of him as well. I think he liked the challenge of explaining complex topics at my level and he did so in a way that never felt judgemental. I particularly loved Shoucheng’s enthusiasm for discussing fundamental questions like why there is anything or world political discord or his freshman seminar where he taught back of the envelope calculations that you would not think you could do without fancier techniques and tools. Shoucheng had an amazing mind and he was generous in sharing his capabilities. My husband and I found him to be great-hearted and to care deeply about the world and everyone in it, especially his family. Our world is a better place for Shoucheng’s presence, certainly our family’s is.

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